Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My Quandry..help...please

Do you remember me saying in my "all about me" section that i am a relatively new chorister? Well, let me clarify...I am a brand new chorister. I've only had this calling since November which means i barely know what's going on most days. (i guess maybe i'm a slow learner??) It's been almost 16 years since i last served in primary and while I LOVE being back in primary, i am at a loss most sundays concerning the order and functionality of things. I am in awe at all of you who enter the primary room with confidence on sundays (or at least look like you are confident). So you're wondering what's my point? Well, this is my quandry...how much time do i spend teaching doctrine versus singing with the children on sundays? I have pored over other chorister blogs, lds.org, Pat Graham's songbook companion and anything else i can find and this is what i've found: everyone does it different. Maybe that's my answer then?? I guess I just need to find my way and go with it, right? I just want to sing sing sing each week but then i wonder if i should be teaching more?? But isn't that what sharing time's for?? i'm not sure but i do know that my 20 min. (which more often that not is 10 or 15 min.) disappears so quickly and i barely have time for singing much less teaching. With that in mind, i wanted input from all of you seasoned or otherwise experienced choristers. How do you find the balance? Do you have any advice for me?


  1. Darcy,
    You are right! It is very different for everyone. And it varies from week to week. I have found that the songs are what teach the doctrine, and the more we sing the more the principles are engrained in their minds and hearts. I always try to infuse little reminders of gospel principles through testimony and by asking questions (can you feel the Spirit? Let's sing it again but this time concentrate on the words so we can feel the Spirit as we sing them). I think one of the most important points that I try to make to my kids is that they can feel the Spirit even when we're having fun. They need to learn to recognize it especially when things aren't quiet and reverent. And when they know that singing their hearts out makes our Heavenly Father happy, they will sing! So my advice is sing, sing, sing. And let the music do the talking for you. And you do a GREAT job, by the way! I wish I could come and watch every Sunday!


  2. Brittney, that is great advice-thank you! I feel like the sing sing sing method fits me best but then i hear all these other ideas and i wonder if i'm doing it right. I just need to be more confident! It really helped me to come watch you and i hope to be able to do it again too (if you don't mind). I love your point about recognizing that they can feel the spirit while having fun-i used to preach that doctrine to the YW so thanks for reminding me that i can do that with primary now too. I truly love your ideas, and your advice so thanks for being my sounding board and often times, my inspiration! (i mean that sincerely) It's nice to feel part of a group of women that are all striving for the same results of inviting the spirit to primary and teaching the doctrine through song. Thank you for your support! You are an amazing chorister!

  3. I definitely try to invite the spirit as much as I can, but my favorite part about singing time is that they don't have to sit and be quiet like they are expected too the other 2 1/2 hrs of church. I share my testimony or give a more teachy singing time when I am inspired too, but really for the most part I just try to make it fun. If they are having fun they enjoy coming to church and at the same time learn the gospel principles.

    Most of all just enjoy your calling. I truly believe this is the best calling, so enjoy it while you've got it!

  4. I definitely follow the sing, sing, sing method and it works for me. I share testimony and extremely brief thoughts only when I feel prompted to do so. I figure that by the time we get to singing time the children have had a lot of talk (in class and sharing time) and their attention stays right with me as long as I don't talk too much. I mostly let the songs speak for themselves.

  5. I have loved reading your responses! Thank you for your help and guidance! Isn't chorister a great calling??