Thursday, March 3, 2011

Just laugh!

So, the other day my 10 year old daughter said to me, "mom, do you know what i love about you being in primary? I love that you LAUGH at yourself when you make mistakes." She proceeded to tell me how she gets so embarrassed when she makes mistakes and that she is amazed i can laugh off my own blunders in front of primary. She said her new goal was going to be to take herself less seriously and laugh at her "embarrassments". Who knew that that would be the lesson she took to heart? So i guess what i'm saying is, LAUGH! We have to! We essentially "perform" each week and we will undoubtedly make mistakes. (or at least i do!!) What better way to overcome our missed words, wrong words, or even being out of tune!


  1. That is the sweetest thing ever darc!!! What a great lesson! I love your blog! U r so creative n fun. Lucky kids in your ward!

  2. Awesome. :) I fell over last week... I was conducting and singing and realized I might be in the way of my own visuals so I backed up over a chair and fell into it. We all laughed hard! :) Love your new blog, Elise used to be in our ward. We miss her!

  3. Melissa that is priceless! In situations like that, it's either laugh or cry and laughing is so much more fun! At least you had their attention right?? :)