Sunday, May 29, 2011

Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes

My pianist pointed out today that at the end of this song in the songbook, there is a suggestion on how to sing it. I don't know how i've missed that but it says, "...sing slowly and move parts of the body as they are mentioned. For example, nod head, shrug shoulders, bend knees, stand tiptoe, and so forth." So, instead of pointing to our body parts, we sang it this way today and the kids really loved it-especially because i messed up a few times-it takes concentration! I love my pianist, she points out many useful things and has great ideas!

Praise to the Man posters

Ok, so i have taught this song the past couple weeks without a poster but junior primary was struggling a bit so I finally decided to make one. Besides, the president told me she liked posters because then we can just pull them out anytime to sing, either with a substitute or a couple years down the road. So...i made a simple poster. I like to be able to cover up different portions as we learn the song and it helps the young ones have a solid visual to stick in their heads. I used these today and i was amazed at how much it helped junior-especially with the big words! (i put "ascended" going up to remind them that it means "going up" and "vain" is in stair steps down to remind them to sing 4 steps on that word-i'm going to go back and put a fermata on "tyrants" too)

Minute to Win It!

I saw this idea here a few months ago and couldn't wait to use it the next time we had a 5th sunday. (on the 5th sunday, we spend the whole time for singing time. I love it-it gives me a chance to sing a lot of songs and i have time to play games and be silly too). The idea is, if the child completes the task in the allotted time (30 sec.), they get to choose a song from my prepared list. If they don't finish, i get to choose the song we sing. Anyway, I chose 7 games to play.
Here they are: Back Flip-place 2 pencils on the back of your hand and flip them off and catch them. Add 2 at a time, up to 12 pencils.
Over Bite-pick up paper lunch bags (or grocery bags) using only their mouth. (cut the bags to varying heights to make it more challenging).
Drop Off-drop 20 clothespins into a jar.
Chocolate Unicorn-stack 3-4 ding dongs on your forehead while standing and leaning back. (this is very tricky and especially hard for junior primary-their foreheads aren't big enough). Don't Blow It-Using one hand, remove all tissues one at a time from a box of tissues. Separation Anxiety-the player separates a pile of starbursts into multiple cups of coordinating colors. (use at least 2 bags of starbursts).
Stack Attack-stack 15 cups into a perfect triangle. Then get the cups back into a single stack.
I didn't use stack attack or back flip for jr. primary and for separation anxiety, i had Jr. primary put 5 candies of each color into the correct cup. This website lists more minute to win it games if you want more ideas. It was so much fun and the kids loved it. What surprised me was how many children were familiar with the game show and knew most of the games. Next time you have a full sunday for singing time, consider minute to win it-it was lots of fun and we got to sing lots of songs! The kids were all trying their best to sing well so that they'd be picked for the next game. You can use 2 children at a time or even a whole class. Be sure to tell them to be quiet during the games to give the contestant concentration. Have fun!!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Praise to the Man

Ok, so i am behind. Really behind. We've had general conference, stake conference, I was gone on vacation last week, and today our ward had all the women attend R.S. I feel like i haven't been in primary in a long time and I MISS IT!!! Anyway, with all of this and learning our mothers day songs, I haven't had a chance to teach Praise to the Man yet. But i am ready now. And excited.
I attended a stake leadership meeting last month and decided then to start by teaching the chorus. At least to junior primary. Which i'll do next week. I will bring rhythm instruments to learn the rhythm first and then hopefully add the words. I don't plan on even making it through the whole chorus this first sunday teaching it. I don't want to overwhelm them and we have a VERY young jr. primary so i plan on easing them into it. I will eventually teach the verses to junior primary too but, in the end, if all they know is the chorus, i'll be happy.
For senior primary. I want them to use hymn books the first time we sing it. I want them to feel the power of this song from the very first time they hear it and sing it with their own voices. I'm going to have them stand and sing. Then i'll briefly tell them the history of the song and have them play this matching game to help them understand the meaning of the harder words/phrases. I think the 2nd week i teach this i will use this idea from Brittney. (i love having so many great resources out there-thanks everyone!) I am excited to finally be able to teach this song! It is so powerful and what a great song to allow us to testify of Joseph Smith and the cause he died for. I love it!