Friday, March 4, 2011

Got an extra minute?

Occasionally I have a few additional minutes of singing time near the end of primary. I found this idea here and am excited to use it one sunday when we have extra time. I love the simplicity of it. You will need three
identical plastic cups (not see-through) and one pom pom. (or other object) Put the cups upside down on the table with the pom pom under one of the cups. Move the cups around like a magician, trying to make it so the kids don't know where the pom pom is. When you stop moving the cups, call on one of the kids to guess which cup is hiding the pom pom. If they guess correctly, the child gets to choose the next song to sing. If they don't get it, the chorister gets to choose the song to sing. What a fun and simple way to fill a few extra minutes!

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