Thursday, February 2, 2012

Musical Scripture Chase-Part II

Our musical scripture chase went SO WELL on sunday! It is now one of my favorite activities! I had told the presidency what my plan was so they pulled out the red scripture marking pencils that they often use for sharing time and the kids were able to mark their scriptures when they found them. I was so glad they thought of that-it was perfect! And the kids ALL got so involved-it was fabulous! (i had pulled some library copies of the bible and Book of Mormon to have for those that didn't have scriptures-i wanted them all to have access)

Anyway, I started by telling them what seminary was and my experience doing scripture chases in seminary. I explained what a scripture chase was and off we went! I wrote the reference on the board, one at a time, and they looked it up. I noted who was first to raise their hand but i waited until most of the primary had found the scripture before i had the first one stand and read the scripture in their loud, booming voice. Then, i asked if anyone knew what song the scripture referenced.

Most often, there were several songs that fit the scripture. Sometimes we sang all the song options, sometimes we just sang the one i had in mind. I randomly gave them points, just for fun. No teams though, it was the primary as a whole that tried to get points in the pot. I gave points for finding the scripture, points for guessing any song that went with the scripture, and bonus points if they were psychic and guessed the song i had on my list. The points didn't really matter, it was just fun to throw them out there randomly and they didn't even care that there wasn't a prize.

Here are the scriptures/songs i used:
Ether 3:14 As a Child of God
D&C 115:4-5 The Church of Jesus Christ #77
Mosiah 2:22 Keep the Commandments #146
2 Nephi 4:15 Books in the Book of Mormon #119
Acts 20:35 Give, said the Little Stream #236
John 13:34-35 As I have Love you #136
D&C 25:13 I Pledge Myself to Love the Right #161
Alma 34:38 I am Glad for Many Things #151
John 13:15 I'll Walk with You #140
D& C 4:2-3 Called to Serve #174

*remember, that most songs have a scripture reference in the bottom right hand corner so you can use any songs you want.
*One thing i loved was listening to the teachers whisper to the children what song they thought it was. Many of the songs were songs the kids knew but some weren't, but i made sure the kids realized that their teachers had remembered songs from their primary days and how cool is that???
*I threw in Give, said the Little Stream so that we had a fun wiggle song to do in the middle of it all. They loved it and so did I!

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