Saturday, February 18, 2012

Hula Hoop Fun!

About this time every month, the kids are done learning a song and just want some fun. The problem is, they aren't really "done" learning the song but they really do need something exciting to keep their attention. I saw this idea awhile ago and immediately knew it was something i'd use for one such Sunday. So.... tomorrow is the day. I am going to bring a couple hula hoops and this is what i'll do:

First, I am going to have just one child (or teacher-i love using the teachers) hula hoop at a time. We'll have to watch him/her closely because when they are hula hooping, we will sing; when/if they drop the hoop, we stop singing but the pianist keeps playing. When the hula hooper starts up the hoop again, we resume singing wherever the pianist is at. This will help us practice the words and keep track of where we are at in the song. I am hoping to get a few hula hoopers who drop their hoops and start again several times so that we can stop and start our singing several times. I will have a different hula hooper for each verse of "Choose the Right".

After we've done this a few times, I am going to invite 3 children to all come hula hoop at the same time while we sing the song. The challenge will be to see if anyone can last through the whole song or through an entire verse. When everyone gets out, i'll choose 3 more children to try.

I think this will be a fun way to sing the song repeatedly. Thanks Pattie for your idea!

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