Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Actions to Nephi's Courage

"Nephi's Courage" isn't our assigned song until June but i thought i'd post this now in case anyone wants to learn the actions or you have some extra time this month since we already know "Stand for the Right". Anyway, we sing this song A LOT because the primary LOVES IT and really love doing the actions. It's nice to have another song that allows the children to move while singing.
Years ago, when our children were young, my husband made up actions to this song to teach our children one night at family night. It was an instant hit and i have since taught the children in primary. They learned it immediately and often request this song.
Here we go: i'll try to be as visual as possible...
-The Lord commanded Nephi (raise hands over your head towards heaven as if receiving instruction from Heaven)
-to go and get the plates (hold out your hands like for Book of Mormon stories)
-from the wicked laban (scrunch up your face into a mean look and place your hand over your eyebrows and then pan the room while singing)
-inside the city gates (with palms facing you, touch the tips of your nails of one hand to the tips of another to make a gate)
-Laman and Lemuel believed he should not try (open one arm to the side when you say each name.
-Nephi was courageous, this was his reply (flex muscles with arms bent at the elbow into a 90 degree angle)
-I will go, i will do (pump your left fist across your body for "I will go" and the right fist across to your left side for "I will do")
-the things the Lord commands (same as the beginning...arms up towards heaven)
-I know the Lord provides a way (take your arms down from heaven and have them form a path to one side of you)
-he wants me to obey (fold arms)
repeat chorus....
I hope this makes sense. It has been a great way for our primary to learn this song and it was nice to teach a song without printed visuals for a change.
If you're interested, I'll post actions to the 2nd verse later....

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