Sunday, January 15, 2012

Song Writing

The primary is doing great learning the words to "As a Child of God". They loved the tic tac sing today and did great. (in fact, they were only stumped once) However, I want to use one more week to learn the phrases...

I'm going to assign each class the task of writing a particular line of the song; i.e. "i came to earth with power to choose", "good choices bless me and my family too"...anyway, with all 3 verses and the chorus, there are 8 phrases and we have 8 classes so it's perfect. (if you have more classes you can combine a couple classes or for fewer classes, have them each write 2 phrases or don't do the chorus since they most likely already know that)

Anyway, i'll give each class a paper, they'll select their scribe and then write what they think the correct words are. I'll give them a few minutes to do this then have each class come up (depending on time, I may have them write it on the board) and sing (with the piano), their assigned phrase. The rest of the primary will determine if they got it right or not.

Our SR. primary loves doing things like this that challenge their memory and I'm hoping this activity will help solidify the phrases of the song.

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