Thursday, January 19, 2012

Musical Scripture Chase

Remember the good ole days of seminary when we had scripture chases? Where i grew up, we had them every Friday and I loved those a couple weeks ago, while watching senior primary get completely engaged in a scripture activity for sharing time, I decided there had to be a way to utilize that interest for singing time. So here it is:

Pick the songs you want to sing and look them up in the songbook. Most songs have at least one scripture listed and sometimes several-located at the bottom right had corner.

Once you have your songs and scriptures, determine how you want your scripture chase to go, here's a few ideas:
1-write the reference on the board and have them raise their hand when they find it. (Either wait several minutes for more kids to locate the scripture or choose the first hand you see). Have the child read the scripture and guess what song it applies to. Whoever guesses correctly gets to come lead the song or hold visuals or whatever.
*only write one scripture reference at a time to keep the over zealous ones from jumping ahead :)

2-Tell the primary the song you want to sing and write 2-3 different scriptures on the board (with only 1 of those relating to the song). Have them look up the scriptures and guess which one relates to your chosen song. The correct guesser can lead or pick a "how to sing" card.

3-for a really ambitious activity, tell them what song you want to sing and ask them if they know a scripture that might relate...(i have a feeling those with songbooks may catch on quick and notice the scripture references which would be great too)

4-Can you think of other ways to do a scripture chase? I'd love to hear your ideas too!

*these ideas might work best if you have a lot of time, maybe for a 5th sunday if you're given the whole time for singing on those days...

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