Thursday, November 3, 2011

Singing with CANDY!

So...i had this idea today. I'm not sure yet exactly how to use it but here it is:
I thought it'd be fun to do something with the candy the kids all got while trick or treating this week. I picked some candies and wrote little rhymes for each of them with ways to sing. I plan on using these as some type of "sing like a..." game.

I think i'll start by saying something like, "how many of you still have candy leftover from Halloween? I bet our candy can help us sing!" I'll display either real candy bars or pictures with the rhymes on back.

Here's the rhymes: (some of them are rough, i know-i'm still working on them)
Skittles: These colors are red, yellow, green and blue. Check the color you are wearing, we'll sing with just a few. (call out colors, whoever is wearing that color sings)
Lemon drops: Ew, it's sour! Better scrunch up your face to sing this song at a super brisk pace! (sing with a sour face and do it quick)
3 Musketeers: Pick 1 friend and a teacher and you 3 will be our starring feature. (the 3 sing either a phrase or the whole song)
Snickers:When you laugh, you sometimes wiggle, lets sing this song while we giggle!
Baby Ruth: Who has a baby in their house? Lets sing this as quiet as a mouse.
Butterfinger: Grab your friends hand and we'll sing while we stand.
Twix: Betwixt you and me, our classes will sing the best as can be! (2 classes sing at a time)
Milk duds: Chew it slow or else it'll stick. We'll sing this song anything but quick. (sing slowly)
Almond joy-What shows joy for all to see? It's a smile from you and me! (sing while smiling)

Can you think of rhymes for a Crunch bar? M&M's? Kit kat? Reeses? Licorice? I'd love to hear your creativity!

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