Sunday, October 30, 2011

"Primary Colors" and more.....

Today, we learned "Primary Colors". I saw an idea somewhere on the internet (sorry-i can't remember where...) and it led me to make these...

Simple, but they worked great. I had 3 children hold the circles with the numbers facing outward, then turn them around when it was time. It was fun to learn a song from the "olden days". We also sang "This is God's House", "Dare to do Right", "Give, Said the Little Stream" and "Called to Serve".

They didn't do very well on "Called to Serve" because they were too busy being silly so i took a minute to tell them about the song and asked the teachers about singing that song on their missions and how they felt about it. Then, I put my husband on the spot and asked him to come up and sing "Called to Serve" in German while we sang it in English. The kids were so enthralled, they all stopped singing about halfway through just to hear him sing it in German. It was fun and i'm so grateful for my sweet husband who was a good sport, although now i think I'm in his debt.... :)

I also made flipcharts on Word for "This is God's House" and "Dare to do Right", but i don't know how to upload them to this site. Any tips??


  1. use . . .you can open a free account and upload your documents and then embed them in your posts. Easy and free! Thanks for sharing your ideas.

  2. I did Primary Colors this month too. I love teaching fun songs after the Primary program is over. I used similar signs and let the 3 kids holding the signs pick 3 more kids to hold them. We repeated the song until all the children had a turn to hold them. Let's just say we learned the song really well in only one week. Thanks for posting your ideas!

  3. Ok thanks! I'll try I am very tech challenged but i know lots of people use it and like it so i'll try. @Noslo family-i like the idea of rotating the kids to hold the signs, i'll have to try that-i like involving as many kids as possible! Thank you!