Thursday, April 21, 2011

Father's Day songs-help!

Last week our ward choir director asked me what the primary would be singing for Father's day. (what? already?? it's not even mother's day yet...i'm feeling so unorganized about now....) Anyway, obviously she is being proactive and is wanting to choose her songs so that she has ample practice time which is great. Also, because she asked what the primary is singing, i'm guessing that she is considering a primary song but is giving me first choice. So, i need to choose quickly. I looked through the songbook and really, none of the father's day songs jumped out at me. Are you singing for fathers day? What are you singing? Any non traditional songs? Any medleys? I'm open to any suggestions! Thanks for your help!


  1. I get so tired of the same old mother's and father's day songs. I haven't decided yet but I'm thinking of singing "The Family is of God." I think that is appropriate for father's day!

  2. There is an amazing song with really touching words called "I'm glad that God chose me to be your son" by Deanna Edwards published in the New Era of June '85 (so it's okay to use). I was hoping to get the boys from the primary and the young men (my husband is in charge of them so it could work:)) to sing together on this one. Totally non trad. but, that's kinda me! Good luck! Oh, you can find it by searching the website.

  3. Thankyou Jennifer and Sara! I love hearing everyone's ideas!