Friday, March 30, 2012

Music resource

My presidency and I attended the General auxiliary training in SLC the other day. It was amazing. I left with many impressions and plans for future efforts. But it also made me miss being the chorister. There was a segment focused specifically on music that touched my heart in many ways. How important singing time is!!! And how powerful these songs are! I felt renewed in my testimony of the message contained in primary songs.

This training meeting can be a valuable resource for choristers! What i loved was the simplicity in teaching music. Sometimes we (or at least i did) put a huge emphasis on artsy crafty things for singing time yet this training reminded me of the power of simplicity. The methods shown were simple, non stressful, and BENEFICIAL! Here's a link to the general auxiliary training. Maybe you'll find it inspirational and helpful in your singing time preparations. Happy Singing!!!

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